30 March 2017

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Higher Technical School of Engineering

An application that lets people car share whilst protecting their data


URV researchers have developed a mobile application for car sharing that protects users’ data. Co-car is an Android app that puts drivers who want to share their car in contact with other people who want to make similar journeys. People are able to arrange journeys anonymously and through mutual collaboration and without the involvement of any company. This means that users’ privacy is not compromised because data on individuals and their movements are not published or stored. Furthermore, the service is completely free

The Darknet protects itself by being more robust against attacks


URV researchers have discovered why cyberattacks usually fail against the Darknet, a part of the internet that guarantees users’ privacy and anonymity. This hidden network is used for sensitive and often illegal purposes such as drug trafficking or exchanging child pornography and can counter large attacks on its own by spontaneously adding more network capacity

A new methodology quickly reveals metabolic fluxes in cells


A group of researchers from the URV, CIBERDEM and IRB Barcelona have developed a new methodology that uses nuclear magnetic resonance to study the metabolism. It is a tool that makes it possible to monitor metabolic fluxes and, in just 10 minutes, provide dynamic information about a considerable number of molecules. It may be able to be used in future applications to understand the reasons why some diseases develop