14/05/2019 Interview

Sadaf Davari, student of the Master in Chemical Engineering of the URV

“I will gain sufficient expertise to choose pursuing my PhD as well as a career path in a company”

Sadaf Davari is the winner of the Work Experience Award
Sadaf Davari is the winner of the Work Experience Award

Sadaf Davari is the winning student of the fourth edition of the Work Experience Award of the BASF SONATRACH PropanChem SA. The company finances her studies at the Master’s in Chemical Engineering and also allows the winner to carry out the internship and the final master’s project at the company’s facilities.

You are from Iran. How did you learn about the URV?

The Universitat Rovira i Virgili is a renowned university in various disciplines, including chemical engineering. In regards to pursuing my postgraduate studies, I looked for proper universities around the world and came upon my current master programme, which is relatively shorter and more sophisticated compared with those provided by other institutes. Also, some friends of mine who studied chemistry at the ICIQ and chemical engineering at the URV suggested that I should consider applying for this great educational opportunity.

What is more remarkable about the master’s degree you are studying?

The master programme in chemical engineering provided by the URV is unique and attractive; it is only 18 months long, 12 months of which is assigned for theoretical (and some practical) subjects, while the remaining 6 months provides a great opportunity to undertake an internship in an excellent company in Spain. Moreover, I found that the programme itself primarily consists of subjects that I am particularly interested in, which means that I can better advance my knowledge and experience. Notably, I am highly attracted to separation process and management courses, and I would like to focus on these topics during my PhD.

You received the prize Work Experience de BASF SONATRACH PropanChem S.A and ETSEQ. How do you think this will boost you career and influence in the near future?

The globally distinguished company “BASF” is one of the best companies, particularly in the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering. Working and gaining experience in such a company along with its well educated scientists and experts would definitely help me with both pursuing my education and my short term and long term career goals. This could be achieved through an extensive internship, covering all the areas related to my project for designing with ASPEN and HYSYS software, with the help of proper supervisors and specialists at BASF.

What will you do at BASF?

My work at BASF includes designing and using ASPEN and HYSYS software. These are powerful software programmes used for design in chemical industries. ASPEN is a process simulation software that makes use of thermodynamic and mathematical models to predict the performance of an industrial process, thus providing the possibility to optimize the design. HYSYS is a chemical process simulator that arithmetically prototypes chemical processes in all plant scales.

What have you planned once you finish your master’s degree?

I have plans for pursuing my PhD in the field of chemical engineering after my graduation. However, I am also open to career opportunities to expand my experience for further long-term goals. Most likely, I will pursue my PhD and stay in academia to gain further knowledge and experience. Nevertheless, I believe I will gain sufficient related expertise to choose a career path in a company as well.

What topic would you like to research on during your thesis?

I was offered a choice of two opportunities: one of them included practical work at chemical industry plants, and the other was about designing using chemical engineering software. Personally, I would like to work on reactors and separation towers, for these are both interesting for me and fall into an area of expertise that currently I have some knowledge about and would like to advance in by further pursuing my education.

What do you like about the research career?

The research career is very interesting for me because I like to be challenged by different experiences through my work and I would like to expand my knowledge and experience in the research field.

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