The newly founded URV Alumni Council promotes links between former students and the University

Alumni can access social and educational services and activities for students

The Alumni Council after the meeting.

The mission of URV Alumni is to help former URV students maintain relationships between themselves and with the URV, thus strengthening the university’s commitment to society. This was agreed by the URV’s Governing Council in its meeting on 27 April 2017, when it also agreed on the establishment of the Alumni Council, the governing and participatory body of the URV Alumni community. The Alumni Council was subsequently founded and had its first meeting on 4 April in the Offices of the Rector.

Membership of URV Alumni is direct and free of charge for anyone with a degree from the URV. It gives the alumni access to various services and activities that are available to students at the University such as participation in social and cultural groups as well as access to emplo4yment and language services and the CRAI, among many others. Later, a paid-for premium membership will provide additional services. In this way, the university hopes to foster a sense of belonging among former students.

The alumni and the rector.

URV Alumni will also collaborate in the organisation of graduation ceremonies and of meetings between former students. It also aims to create the international URV Alumni network and to promote a mentoring programme so that current students and new graduates can benefit from the experience of URV alumni. The goal is to ensure that alumni do not end their relationship with the URV after graduation and instead act as ambassadors and remain linked to the University throughout their professional career.

Once the project had been approved, the Alumni Council was founded and had its first meeting in the afternoon of 4 April. The Council is the management, advisory and participatory body of the URV Alumni community. Its functions are to determine the guidelines of the project and to develop and implement the project’s mission, objectives and action plan. The Council is chaired by Noemí Rabassa, Rector’s Delegate for Communication on behalf of the Executive Council and is made up of 24 people: six URV graduates of recognised professional prestige, twelve representatives of the faculty boards, two members of the administration and service staff, one from the Postgraduate and Doctoral School, one from the Lifelong Learning Centre, one from the Social Council and one from the Student Council.

At the event, Noemí Rabassa presented the initiative in the company of Manuel Molina, General Manager of the University; Charo Romano, Director of the Lifelong Learning Centre; and Josep Anton Ferré, Rector of the URV. Once the project had been presented, the members of the Alumni Council actively contributed further ideas and proposals. The Rector explained that the URV’s 25th anniversary celebrations during the last academic year had “made us more aware of the need to strengthen ties between former students and the University,” and he hoped that the foundation of the Alumni Council would be “the beginning of a continuous activity in whose success all of us can play an important role”.

You can find more information about URV Alumni and how to become a member on their website, which has received over 9,000 visits since June last year.

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