The School of Engineering tightens its links with three Egyptian universities

Three Egyptian students are doing their master’s degree in Nanoengineering, and the authorities of three universities visited ETSE

The authorities of the Egyptian universities and the URV, the coordinator of XNEM and two Egyptian students who are studying at ETSE.

On 10 July, representatives of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Fayoum University and South Valley University visited the School of Engineering as part of the Tempus Programme project “Excellence in Nanotechnology for the MENA region (XNEM)”.

The aim of the visit was to supervise the work done by three students on the Master’s Degree in Nanoengineering as part of the Tempus project, and who will be at the URV for three months in order to complete their master’s thesis. They are: Ahmed Mounir, Hussam El Nabawy and Ahmed Abdelaziz. Discussions were also held on possible future collaborations between these universities and the URV.

The delegations consisted of Khaled Hamza, rector of Fayoum University; Abbas Mansour, rector of South Valley University, accompanied by Yousef Elgharabawy and Mahmoud Elsayed; Gamal Selim, vicepresident of AASTMT, accompanied by Mohamed Aborezka and Ahmed Sabry, and Ahmed S. G. Khalil, XNEM coordinator. They were welcomed by Xavier Vilanova, vice-dean of ETSE and Eduard Llobet, the URV’s XNEM coordinator.

The dean of the College of Computing & Information Technology of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Mohamed Aborezka, showed considerable interest in establishing new computer science-related projects at undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels.

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