The URV is visited by administrative staff from European universities

The visits are carried out in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme and help participants develop and share knowledge and experience at institutions and organisations in different countries

Maria Stathakou from the Aegean University with the I-Center staff
Maria Stathakou, from the Aegean University, with the I-Center staff.

During September the International Center received two visits from administrative staff who spent an Erasmus+ training week visiting different services and units at the URV. The two visitors were Silvia Raucci, from the Università degli studi de Ferrara in Italy, and Maria Stathakou from the Aegean University in Greece.

Both visitors met staff at the Internacional Center to learn about how the centre is organised, how mobility processes are implemented and how students and staff from other universities are received.

One of the main focal points of the meetings was the URV’s strategic internationalisation plan.

Viktoria Koszegi during her visit at the International Center
Viktoria Koszegi, during her visit at the International Center.

Also, before the summer the URV was visited by Viktoria Koszegi, program coordinator at the Center for Policy Studies (CPS) in Hungary. She came to the URV for a job shadowing visit funded by the Erasmus+ programme and participated in several meetings with different URV units, such as the UGAD (Unit of Decentralised Administrative Management), the Department of Pedagogy and the International Center.

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