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A new rurality: challenges and opportunities in Southern Catalonia

An evolving concept

The adjective rural has traditionally referred to life and activities linked to the countryside. It is used to refer to environments in which people live by making direct use of resources.

Rurality, however, is seen in an increasingly multifaceted way. For instance, we can identify several types of rural area depending on their relationship with cities. These include periurban areas, agricultural spaces (industrialized or not), intermediate cores with services, mountain areas used for second residences and others.

Apart from certain


Talent networks, urban design and innovation support structures: keys to generating distributed prosperity in the 21st century

The Challenge of Generating Distributed Prosperity in the Age of Robotics, Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence

One of the great challenges our society will have to face in the near future is how to provide a solid response to periods of economic stagnation and the lack of attractive job opportunities. These phenomena, which directly affect the lives of so many citizens in western countries, are due primarily to three factors: (1) the lack of ideas, ethics and leadership we have observed

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