Around 80 mobility students take part in Cultural Day

The event is part of the Welcome Days, the URV's welcome to international students arriving at the beginning of the academic year

Cultural Day took place this Tuesday. It is the second day of the Welcome Days, which the URV organizes to welcome mobility students at the beginning of the academic year. The aim of the day is to introduce newcomers to the culture of Catalonia and was held at the Catalunya Campus with the participation of about eighty students.

Conducted in English, the day began with the “Language Quiz”, a half-hour workshop in which sociolinguistic information about the Catalan language is given, so that students understand the importance of Catalan as a language and its normal use at the university.

Then, the students joined in a dynamic activity – “Cultural Speed Dating” – to get to know one another and they finished the day by taking part in traditional dances. The events were organised by the Language and Publications Service and the URV’s International Center.

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