26/07/2018 Interview

Uksa Noun, international student at the Faculty of Business and Economics, awarded a grant by an Erasmus Mundus project

“This academic year at the URV has made me more professional and self-reliant”

Uksa Noun has studied at the URV Faculty of Business and Economics during the 2017-18 academic year to enhance his career prospects. He got a study grant through the Erasmus Mundus IMPAKT project in which the URV has participated for the last 4 years, receiving ten students. After his study visit at the URV, Uksa Noun is preparing to study for a master’s degree in the UK.

How did you learn about the opportunity to study in Catalonia?​

I’ve been to Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and other Asian countries, but I was only able to attend short courses or conferences there, so I kept an eye out for a longer study visit. In the second year of my degree, I learnt about the IMPAKT project, which gives students the opportunity to study in Europe for periods of three months to three years. I was given a list of 20 universities in different European countries and was so impressed and excited that I decided to apply. I think I made a really good choice at the time.

Why did you choose the URV?

I did not expect to be have the chance to take part in this memorable experience. I chose the URV based on its position on the rankings, the picturesque images of the city of Tarragona, and the pleasant lifestyle around the Mediterranean Sea. Catalunya is to me the definition of a land of happiness and joy.

What did you like the most about your experience at our University and in Tarragona?

What I liked most is that the experiences made me stronger and self-reliant. Also, I received intensive training from a university course that enabled me to define my strengths in life. The most memorable part was the international student party, when students from different parts of the world came together to have fun.

I chose the URV based on its position on the rankings, the picturesque images of the city of Tarragona, and the pleasant lifestyle around the Mediterranean Sea

How do you think this experience has contributed to your training and to your future?

First, I have spent 10 months of an academic year in Europe on my own, which has given me a strong sense of my own independent place in the world. Second, the intercultural communication, the hospitality and the relationship between international colleagues and professors have all made me more professional. Finally, the programme had students from all over the world, which helped me to increase my network in Europe. This one academic year made me more polished, professional and self-reliant.

What differences did you find between the educational systems of Cambodia and Spain? Is there anything that surprised you?

The surprising thing was that attendance is not counted in the grading system, which is different from Cambodia. Another thing was that people went out to socialise on weekdays, but the balance between studying and entertainment was fairly measured. I would say that Spain is amazing.

What impact will this experience have on your life and future employment? What has changed in you since you arrived in Tarragona?

This educational experience will take my CV to another level. Regarding future employment, my ambition is to work in the financial sector in Cambodia. I have taken a lot of courses on the financial sector at the URV and this has led to my current interest in it.

What are your plans for the near future?

My dream is to get the best education I can, so I am planning to study for a master’s degree in the UK in the next two years. My plan is to fulfil all of the university’s requirements, i.e. two years working experience, an advanced level of English certified by an international institution, and a recommendation from my current and previous professor or employer. I have already fulfilled the most important requirement here in Spain, which is experience of studying abroad.

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