Wednesday is CRAI Information Resources Day

The CRAI promotes every Wednesday through social networks the information resources available to users through the CRAI Search Engine

CRAI search engine.

Reaxys, Avery index or Clinical key Medicine, among many others, are different information resources that CRAI makes available to users through the CRAI Search Engine.

The goal is for users to know all the resources that CRAI offers beyond physical space and equipment. For this reason, we publish some entries every Wednesday on social media (Twitter, Instagram i Facebook)  to promote and disseminate a specific resource.

The hashtag #RecursRecomanat aims to make users aware of an information resource and show all the possibilities it provides for carrying out both academic and teaching work. The information that users will find in the different publications of the resources is the description, to whom it is addressed and, also, a link to the specific guide of the resource elaborated by the CRAI to deepen it.

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