The University of Algiers 3 visits the URV to expand their collaborative projects

The Algerian university is interested in sharing experiences and undergraduate and doctoral joint programmes in intercultural dialogue, tourism and social and political sciences

The Rector of the University of Algiers 3, Rabah Chériet, and the professor of Political Sciences and International Relations, were welcomed by the Rector of the URV, Josep Anton Ferré, the Vice-rector for Internationalisation, Mar Gutiérrez-Colon, and the director of the UNESCO Chair of Intercultural Dialogue in the Mediterranean, professor Enric Olivé, within the framework of the European project SpringArab, last 9 February. This project promotes researcher exchange programmes between Europe (Italy, Poland, Catalonia, France) and Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

The URV has already received six Algerian researchers during the year 2013/14 and 2014/15. In addition, three researchers from the URV (UNESCO Chair) have made visits in Algeria. As a result of the conversations with this university, next year, the URV will receive a doctoral student on a scholarship from the Algerian government.

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