18 January 2022

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Faculty of Arts

Òmnium Cultural del Tarragonès has donated a book collection owned by the critic and journalist Domènec Guansé to the URV. The collection consists of about 800 documents from 1870 to 1978 and many of them have dedications by different authors, such as Prudenci and Aurora Bertrana, Carles Soldevila, or JV Foix.

We are now witnessing a new age of forest fires, more intense and devastating than ever before. The documentaries produced in collaboration with experts and with an approach that includes local communities are helping this phenomenon to be better understood in a context of climate change. Enric Castelló, researcher at the Department of Communication Studies (URV), coordinated a round table with filmmakers, journalists and experts in which they discussed the issue and commented international cases and experiences.

The finding has been confirmed in an experiment by researchers from the URV, the University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, who propose a new approach to the debate on the advantages and disadvantages of bilingualism: a good performance in one area of linguistic ability may mean lower accuracy or speed in another, and vice-versa