CRAI wants to know the degree of satisfaction of the PDI with the resources and services it offers

The results will allow to plan improvement actions

The URV’s CRAI, faithful to its goal of continuous improvement, has been conducting user satisfaction surveys for more than a decade in various groups in the university community. In this context, the PDI can access the survey addressed to this group through the link that was sent to them by e-mail on January 18. They have until February 20 to answer the questionnaire.

The CRAI is asking for the collaboration of the PDI answering the survey. The answers will allow to know the degree of satisfaction of this group in relation to the resources and services offered by the CRAI.

The results of this survey, once analyzed and published, will make it possible to plan improvement actions and, at the same time, will form part of the documentation included in the verification reports presented in the evaluation processes of the URV centers and courses.

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