CreatSens Health receives the prize for the most promising start-up at the IQS Tech Fest 2019

The company was partially founded by the URV and works on controlling the progress of chronic kidney disease by analysing biochemical parameters in the blood

Adrià Maceira, CEO of CreatSens Health, received the prize from Gemma Milne, journalist and cofounder of Science Disrupt.

The URV-derived company CreatSens Health has been awarded the prize for being the most promising start-up at the IQS Tech Fest 2019, which was held on 24 January in Barcelona. The company works on controlling the progress chronic kidney disease by using the latest technologies to measure important parameters in patients in simpler manner than the technique currently used.

Their product is a medical device made out of paper that can measure levels of two key biomarkers in the development of the disease, creatinine and potassium, using a drop of blood. CreatSens Health’s ultimate aim is for the information generated by the device to be measured by a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet in a doctor’s surgery or at the patient’s home. The technology will enable the real-time and decentralised generation of important clinical information, which will help medical specialists in the decision-making process and optimise the health system’s resources.

CreatSens Health will travel to Boston to continue developing their technology in the Richi Entrepreneurs immersion programme.

The Valorisation and Commercialisation Unit of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili helped to create CreatSens Health SL with the support of ACCIÓ and the Chair for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Business Creation.

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