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A study led by the URV has demonstrated that virgin olive oil enriched with its own polyphenols and with those from thyme protects the DNA from oxidation. When these two types of polyphenol are added to olive oil (or indeed any other product) they decrease the risk of DNA damage, which can affect the metabolism and cell reproduction and lead to pathologies such as cancer, among other negative consequences

A scientific article published in “Nature Scientific Reports” reveals that the oxidation of the amino acid methionine is a blood marker that indicates the oxidation of good cholesterol. This oxidation prevents the cholesterol from maturing and, therefore, from carrying out its protective function. This study -carried out by CIBERDEM/URV researchers jointly with researchers from the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital- has been carried out in a group of girls in the initial stages of polycystic ovary syndrome, which can lead to a high risk of anovulatory infertility, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome in adulthood.