Experts from the URV and abroad highlight the latest advances in nursing research

More than one hundred people have attended the 10th edition of the International Seminar on Nursing Research

One of the round tables at the International Seminar on Nursing Research.

The aim of the International Seminar on Nursing Research, held on Thursday, was to raise awareness of the research that is being carried out at the URV and in different European countries. This year saw the 10th edition, which brought more than one hundred people to the Conference Room at the Catalunya campus, most of whom were researchers or professionals in the care sector. The International Seminar on Research into Nursing publicised the research that is being carried out in different areas of nursing at the URV by the Advanced Nursing research group.

Three round tables were organised to debate each of the research group’s three main research lines, these being methodology and application of research in mental health and addictions; global nursing: health society and culture; and care, dependency and chronicity. Each round table consisted of a leading URV researcher, an international collaborating researcher and a young researcher, who gave summaries of the projects they are currently working on and emphasised the importance of international collaboration to improving the quality of results.

During the seminar, all the prizes awarded to members of the Advanced Nursing research group in 2017 were mentioned and the Fundació STS prize was awarded for the best bachelor’s thesis.

Closing act of the Seminar, with the ex-rector Xavier Grau, director of the Chair for University and the Knowledge Region.

The opening act of the seminar was led by the Vice-Rector for Scientific and Research Policy, Josep Manel Ricart, the dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Roser Ricomà, the director of the Department of Nursing, Maria Jiménez and the coordinator of the Advanced Nursing Research Group, Carme Ferré, who gave an overview of the group’s first ten years of activity. During this time, 50 theses have been defended and 70% of these doctoral graduates are currently involved in care provision. During the last six years, the group has published over 130 scientific articles, 8 books and more than 70 book chapters to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the university to the social and health care setting.

The closing act of the seminar was delivered by Xavier Grau, ex-rector of the URV and director of the Chair for University and the Knowledge Region.

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