Increase the use of CRAI services and information resources

You can now consult the "CRAI in a day" and "CRAI in figures" infographics, a collection of data on the activity of the year 2023

The upward trend of recent years in the use of the CRAI’s services and information resources continues, as shown by the statistical data for 2023 collected in the infographics prepared by the CRAI.

From the data collected, it should be noted that 3,491 users access the eight campus CRAIs every day and 1,849 do so via the web. There have been 1,737,632 queries to the CRAI Digital Library of the URV, representing 4,761 queries per day. There has also been an increase in inquiries about self-learning tools: users have consulted 524 CRAI guides and videos per day.

On the other hand, the training data confirm that the training model offered by the CRAI has been consolidated. Compared to the previous year, it is observed that the number of sessions of training activities in the training courses in informational skills has increased. In total, 524 training activities have been carried out with more than 6,972 attendees.

Finally, the consolidation of followers (3,564), publications (1,812) and views (283,812) on social networks should be highlighted. Networks are an effective means of communication with users.

You can consult all the data in the infographics that you will find in the CRAI in figures section of the CRAI website.

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