Increases the use of information services and resources in the CRAI

CRAI has published the infographics "CRAI in figures" and "CRAI in figures. Information Resources ", a collection of the most relevant data of the uses and services offered by the CRAI

Vestíbul del CRAI campus Catalunya.

CRAI has detected an increase in the use of its information services and resources compared to previous years. This is clear from the statistics collected by the CRAI during 2021.

Of the data collected, it is worth noting the queries in the URV’s CRAI Digital Library, which have gone from 1,795,918 to 2,041,118 queries in 2021. In the same way, there has been an increase in the number of guides and tutorials. (215 views) and views (252,352 views).

On the other hand, the training data confirm that the virtual training model offered by the CRAI has been consolidated. If we take the previous year as a reference, we can see that the number of sessions and attendees in information skills training courses has increased. A total of 510 trainings were held with more than 7,800 attendees.

CRAI en xifres 2021

In addition, this year the CRAI social networks have been included in this data collection due to the good figures they record. A total of 2,848 followers follow the different social networks and their posts have accumulated 331,555 views. These data show that networks are an effective means of communication with users.

All the data can be consulted in the infographics:

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