Nearly 3,900 people visit the URV during its open days

Attendance figures for this year’s three open day events were up 22% on 2017

Nearly 2,314 high school students alongside 1,579 of their family members took part in the URV’s open day events, making a grand total of 3,893 attendees. The events took place 7 February, 11 April, and 21 April, with last Saturday’s event (21 April) having the highest attendance of all with 1,119 potential graduate students and 1,579 family members attending the different information sessions offered by the university.

The university has several different faculties and schools spanning across seven different campuses all of which opened their doors to inquiring students during the three open days. Future students were given the chance to meet teachers and to tour some of the university’s facilities including classrooms, the CRAI, and labs. The students were not only presented with useful information, but also were given the chance to attend various workshops and presentations given by some of the faculties and schools and thus learn about the latest and most applicable content of the courses on offer.

Visitors to the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology, the Faculty of Arts and the School of Engineering (ETSE) received the most visitors. Some departments offered new programs of study for the upcoming academic year such as the Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and Archaeology at the Faculty of Arts and the 3-year Bachelor’s Degree in Techniques for Developing Web and Mobile Applications at the ETSE. Furthermore, next academic year students will be able to choose from other new degrees such as the Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Tourism and Hospitality and the Bachelor’s Degree in Geography, Territorial Analysis and Sustainability from the Faculty of Tourism and Geography. There will also be a new 3-year Bachelor’s degree in Food Bioprocess Technology from the School of Chemical Engineering (ETSEQ) and 20 vacancies on the Faculty of Chemistry’s Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry (taught in English).

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