ONG K9, supported by the URV, goes to Mexico in the aftermath of the earthquake

The rescuers will search for people trapped under the rubble

Building partially demolished by the earthquake in Puebla, Mexico. Author: AutoFran, Fuzheado.

Nine rescue workers and eight dogs from the K9 de Creixell NGO will travel to Mexico with the support of URV Solidària. The expedition members will search for people trapped as a result of the recent earthquake in the centre of the country. The quake measured 7.1 on the Richter scale and has already led to more than 230 fatalities.

The ONG K9 expedition to Mexico consists of four rescuers and five dogs travelling from Chile and five rescuers and three dogs travelling from Madrid. Once they arrive in Mexico City, they will place themselves under the command of the local authorities and work in the area assigned to them. Specifically, they will try to locate people trapped under the rubble to enable other teams to come and dig them out.

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