Statement by the Catalan universities regarding the imprisonment of political leaders and officials

The rectors call for the restoration of Catalonia's institutions of self-government

Edifici de Rectorat, ubicat a la Part Alta de Tarragona

The rectors of the public universities of Catalonia have issued a statement on the latest imprisonments of political leaders and officials:

“As the rectors of the public universities of Catalonia, we wish to express publicly our profound dismay at the imprisonment of several political leaders and officials. We believe that there are various ways of dealing with the current political situation in Catalonia and that prison is not one of them.

We consider that the political problems facing Catalonia should be addressed through dialogue and negotiation and, in the spirit of this conviction, we have repeatedly advocated dialogue as the only way of approaching these problems and restoring the ordinary functioning of Catalonia’s institutions of self-government.

The extraordinary situation in our country obliges us all to act with the utmost responsibility in order to promote a democratic and dialogue-based solution to the conflict.

Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Tarragona, 24 March, 2018”

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