Students of Journalism from the URV organise two electoral debates in Reus and Tarragona

The debates were open to questions from citizens through the Twitter account @ElDebatURV

A dozen third year students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism at the URV organised two electoral debates in Reus, on 14 May, and in Tarragona, on 17 May, on the topic of the upcoming municipal elections. The candidates of the parties who received representation in the previous elections were invited. The debate will be led by the students themselves, supported by the University and the Association of Journalists.

The first debate took place in Reus, on 14 May at 17:30, at the Reading Centre’s Conference Room. The second debate was held in Tarragona on 17 May at 19:00h at Campus Catalunya’s Aula Magna.

Both acts consisted of five blocks: University; Infrastructures and Equipment; Culture, Heritage and Tourism; Economy, Trade and Sustainability, and Citizenship. Each topic lasted 15 minutes and the representatives of each party had the same amount of time to argue for their proposals and by order of representation in the respective town councils. Finally, they each had a minute to address to the audience.

Before the debate, all people who were interested could send questions to the candidates through Twitter via the hashtags #DebatURVTGN and #DebatURVReus, or text them to the WhatsApp number 649 338 015. The students selected the questions that the moderators eventually relayed to the candidates at the open discussion time at the end of the debate. For the occasion, they also enabled a Twitter profile, where users could follow the preparations for the events and the confirmation of the candidates: @ElDebatURV.

All parties with representation on the City Councils of Tarragona and Reus have confirmed their participation in the debates. The members present in Tarragona will be Sandra Ramos, number 2 candidate for the PSC (Catalan Socialist Party); Josep Acero, number 3 candidate for the PP (People’s Party); Pau Ricomà, head of the ERC (Catalan Republican Left) list; Dídac Nadal, head of the Junts per Tarragona (Together for Tarragona) list; Rubén Viñuales, head of the Ciudadanos (Citizens) list; Laia Estrada, head of the CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy) list, and Carla Aguilar, head of the En Comú Podem (Together We Can) list.

The representatives present in Reus were Monserrat Vilella, number 2 for Junts per Reus (Together for Reus); Marta Llorens, head of the CUP list; Andreu Martin, head of the PSC list; Noemí Llauradó, head of the ERC list; Débora García, head of the Ciudadanos list; Daniel Rubio, head of the Ara Reus (Now Reus) list, and Dolors Compte, head of the PP list.

The moderators of the debates were the Journalism students themselves: in Tarragona, the event was led by Jan Margolas and Laura Tarsà, and in Reus, by Joel Gomis, Jonay González and Marina Valero. The rest of the students were in charge of the technical aspects, the management of the social networks and timekeeping. A space was also provided for the media, with radio and television connection.

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