The URV has joined the European University Network Aurora

The Universitat Rovira i Vigili will apply, along with the other members of this alliance, for the second call of the European Universities Network project of the European Commission

The URV has just joined the Aurora network of European universities, which is currently made up of nine universities all of which have reached levels of excellence in research and are in the top 250 universities in the world.

The Aurora network was set up in 2016 in an attempt to integrate scientific excellence with the needs of society. By joining the Aurora Universities Network, the URV is aiming to take a qualitative and strategic step forward to gain, on the one hand, greater international visibility and a presence in the European decision–making processes and, on the other, to take part in the long-term programmes being carried out by the European Union.

One of these programmes is the second call of the European Universities Network project,  designed to set up networks of universities from different European countries that study possible ways of improving cooperation to such an extent that, in the future, European degrees will be a real possibility. So joining this network will allow these universities to propose a strong, competitive strategic alliance with these universities for the next call for funding applications which is expected in February. Being a member of the network also means participating in different joint programmes aimed at strengthening the areas of research, training and social impact.

The principal areas of cooperation in this network are: innovation in teaching and learning, students, social impact and relevance of research, inclusion and diversity, sustainability and internationalisation. To make progress in these areas, the universities in the Aurora Network have worked on a series of projects in the following ambits: multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary challenges, sustainability, climate and energy, human life and health, digital technology in society and transformations in a globalized society. The URV’s collaboration with some of the Aurora universities is not new. Eighteen of the twenty-four departments in the University have collaborated with them in the last three years, mainly in scientific publications.

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