The URV welcomes international students at the beginning of their studies

Some 200 students participated in activities organized by the university to help them settle into their new lives for the coming months at the URV. The International Centre and the Language Service provided information and held a series of workshops

The students attending the event are all engaged in mobility studies at the URV, are participating in Study Abroad Programs or are studying masters or doctoral programs.

Mar Gutiérrez-Colón, Vice-Rector for Internationalisation, welcomed the students and then handed over to John Bates, coordinator of the Language Service and Marina Casals, director of the URV’s International Center.


The event took place on 5 October and consisted of four practical workshops in which students worked together. The workshops were: Catalan culture by Jordi Pujol Nadal, Wine culture by Toni Sánchez, Traditional Tarragonan dances by the Esbart Dansaire dance group and a language workshop by Montse Martínez.


The International Centre works as a one-stop shop to provide international students with everything they need while are staying at the URV. The Language Centre and the CRAI (Learning and Research Resource Centre) together offer courses in Catalan and Spanish (among other languages) and provide students with the chance to practice these languages at the university. Students can access all of the services offered by the URV and can also participate in the MENTOR programme, in which a mentor student helps them find their way around in what is for them a foreign country.

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