Nine URV disciplines among the best in the world in the Shanghai “Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2023”

Chemistry occupies top spot in Spain for the fifth year running, now out on its own, and Tourism and Hotel Management is once again in the world’s top 200. In total 55 disciplines from five knowledge areas are analysed

Laboratori docent de la Facultat de Química de la URV.
Teaching laboratory at the URV’s Faculty of Chemistry.

The URV has been ranked as one of the best universities in the world in 9 of the 55 disciplines analysed by the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2023 (

Shanghai Ranking), which has been published since 2017. Globally, Chemistry is in the top 150, and is also first in Spain for the fifth consecutive year. And in this edition, the URV is out on its own.

Chemical Engineering remains in position 301-400 and is second in the ranking of Spanish universities, sharing position with six other institutions, while Energy Sciences (301-400) is in fourth position in the State along with five other universities.

Tourism and Hotel Management, in the field of social sciences, is in the top 200, as it was last year. And it shares the twelfth position in Spain with two other universities.

For the first time, Nursing has been added to the list in position 201-300. It is tenth in Spain, a position shared with three other universities.

In total, the ranking classifies more than 1,900 universities (out of a total of 5,000 from 104 countries). It contains 55 disciplines from five areas of knowledge: natural sciences, engineering, life sciences, medical sciences and social sciences.

Life sciences
Biology 301-400 500 7th
Medical sciences
Nursing 201-300 300 10th
Public health 401-500 500 9th
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 401-500 500 14th
Natural sciences
Chemistry 101-150 500  1st
Social sciences
Tourism and Hotel Management 151-200 300  12th
Chemical Engineering 301-400 500  2nd
Energy Sciences 301-400 400  4th
Food Science and Technology 201-300 300  14th

The results are reached by using indicators provided by external institutions, which measure the quantity, quality and impact of research at each university, the extent of international collaboration and the number of staff who have been given awards.

The universities of the United States have consolidated the top position in 30 disciplines: Harvard University is the top institution in 11 disciplines, MIT in five and the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and the University of Chicago, as well as the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (China -Hong Kong) in two.

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