A hundred members of the URV participate in the URV’s Autumn Excursion

They walked from La Mussara to Prades via the gorges of La Febró

URV students on route from La Mussara to Prades

The URV has revived its walking and hiking activities for the University community, who signed up in large numbers for the latest event. On 20 November, 105 persones, mostly students, walked the route from La Mussara to Prades (Baix Camp) via the gorges of La Febró.

Participants in the 2021 URV Autumn Excursion.

The excursion was organised by Esports URV and the Grup Excursionista Allibera Adrenalina and made up one of the activities of the European project for the internationalisation of society through higher education, in which the URV participates. This focus on internationalisation was the reason why the event was attended by so many international student and why those who wanted to could listen to one of the guides explaining the points of interest in English.

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