Architecture students from the Da Yeh University, Taiwan, are on a Study Abroad programme at the URV

They are essentially interested in the architectural work of Josep M. Jujol

Architecture students from the Da Yeh University, Taiwan, at the Metropol Theatre in Tarragona this week.

A group of 13 architecture students from the Da Yeh University, Taiwan, are taking part in a specifically designed Study Abroad programme between 5-11 July. The centrepiece of the stay is an intensive seminar on the architect Josep Maria Jujol, entitled “Architecture Workshop: Jujol’s Imprint, coordinated by the lecturer from the School of Architecture (ETSA), Roger Miralles, in conjunction with Paul Draaijer, an architect based in Tarragona and a guest lecturer at the Da Yeh University. The seminar takes place in the morning at the Campus Catalunya and in the afternoon the students go on technical visits with an architectural theme.

The main aim of the course is to use Jujol’s work in the Tarragona region to gain further knowledge on contemporary architecture. Some of the issues discussed are the texture of architecture, using the example of the church in Vistabella, and architecture as colour.

The church is one of the places they will visit, but they will also see the Roser Hermitage in Vallmoll, the Metropol Theatre in Tarragona, the Public School in Pratdip, the winery in Pinell de Brai (known as the cathedral of wine), Montferri, the Santes Creus Monastery and the Casa Bofarull (Els Pallaresos). They will also visit Reus, where they will see the Gaudí Centre, walk along the modernist route and take a tour of the Pavelló dels Distingits of the Pere Mata Hospital.

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