Diari digital de la URV -

The Chinese New Year began on 27 January and every year the URV joins in the festivities thanks to the large number of Chinese students who study here. This year the activities on the Catalunya Campus are extended into the afternoon and are also spread to other parts of the city from 26 January to 3 February

On 16 December, the Universitat Rovira i Virgili once again hosted a visit from American universities participating in the annual activity organised by Eduespaña. In 2011 the URV was also visited by representatives from American universities through Eduespaña

This summer three Study Abroad programmes will take place in the month of July. North-American professors will carry out a summer course in Spanish at the Catalunya campus, and students from the Northeastern University of Boston will do a course in Chemical Engineering at the CTTI and visit locally-based chemical companies. On 20 July students from the University of Cairo and the British University of Egypt began courses in Engineering and Chemical Engineering