21/12/2022 Interview

Andrea Giner, student at the Faculty of Education Sciences and Psychology, and UNICAT and EPSO ambassador

“It is essential to make sure that students are aware of professional opportunities in EU institutions”

Andrea Giner, UNICAT and EPSO ambassador 2022/23.

This year Andrea Giner is the URV’s UNICAT ambassador (the network of ambassadors promoted by the Inter-university Council of Catalonia, the Government delegation to the EU and Catalan universities). All Catalan universities have an ambassador, who represents their university, notifies students of employment and internship opportunities and provides the events that are organized within the scope of the Union European with support.

Exceptionally, this year Giner is also the EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office) ambassador, a role related to the previous one, but of greater magnitude: she liaises with the UNICAT ambassadors throughout Catalonia.

Given your dual ambassador role, what are your goals this year? 

I feel very fortunate to be an EPSO and UNICAT ambassador during this academic year 2022/23, and particularly because I am the first EU Careers ambassador chosen at the URV. I firmly believe that, in an increasingly globalized world, the role of the European Union is to strengthen our nations. So, my main goal is to make young people aware of European institutions, notify them of the professional opportunities available and give them easier access.

Where did your interest in representing these programmes come from?

I really do it because I like it. I have always been a very dynamic person, ambitious and open to new opportunities. At first it may seem that it has nothing to do with my course, but it does because I really like the field of career guidance, which is directly related to the world of education. Therefore, the combination of guidance and internationalisation makes both the EU Careers programme and the UNICAT programme of great interest to me. I also want to help students find the future they want.

Why do you think it is important that students have access to these work and internship opportunities in the EU?

Many people finish university without knowing how to get started in the world of work. So, they need to be advised and given assistance in their search for future employment. For this reason, it is essential to make students aware of professional opportunities in EU institutions so that they know that they exist, that they can make the most of them and that their future is in their own hands.

How can students who are interested in an offer find you?

They can contact me in two ways: either by emailing me at ambaixador.unicat @urv.cat, or getting in touch with me on Instagram (@EUCareers_URV) or Twitter (@EUCareers_URV). Finally, I will regularly send a newsletter prepared by the UNICAT ambassadors of all Catalan universities with information about the jobs and internships that are on offer at the EU institutions.

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