The EU renews the Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Wine Tourism Innovation, which includes the sustainable and digital transformation of the sector

Up to 76 students from around the world will be able to study with grants that cover all expenses in the next four editions

Estudiantes del Wintour en la vendimia de la finca experimental de la URV, Mas dels Frares.
Wintour students grape picking at the URV’s experimental winery, Mas dels Frares.

The International Master’s Degree in Innovations and Transitions in Wine Tourism (previously the International Master’s Degree in Innovation in Wine tourism), Wintour,

has been renewed by the Executive Agency of Education and Culture of the European Union for four more editions. It is coordinated by the Universitat Rovira i Vigili in collaboration with the universities of Bordeaux (France) and Porto (Portugal), each of which is responsible for part of the programme that trains professionals in the industry of wine tourism and wine.

The renewal will provide more than 4.48 million euros for four more editions, and it will enable 19 grants to be awarded per academic year to the selected students. So between now and the academic year 2028-29 a total of 76 people will have a grant that covers the tuition fees for the two years of the master’s degree and provides a monthly income of 1,400 euros to cover travel and accommodation costs in Tarragona, Bordeaux and Porto. Each Edition will also have seven places for students who finance themselves or who have grants from other organisations.

The syllabus of the master’s degree has been brought up to date with content that is fundamental to the evolution of the sector: the modules on wine tourism and marketing, wine heritage and culture, winemaking and work experience are still on the syllabus but they have been revised to include a more international dimension and a greater focus on sustainability and digitalisation. And throughout the four semesters of the master’s degree, there is a cross-sectional supplement to reinforce the students’ professional skills.

Graduació de la darrera promoció del Màster Wintour a la Universitat de Porto. FOTO: cedida per l'Oficina d'Imatge i Comunicació de la Universitat de Porto.
Graduation of the last edition of the Wintour Master’s Degree at the University of Porto. Published by permission of the University of Porto’s Office of Image and Communication.

This academic year the seventh group of students will graduate sine the first edition of the Wintour master’s degree in 2016-17. Since then, 149 students of 44 different nationalities have graduated. The demand for the course is considerable: about 300 students apply every year but only 8% are admitted.

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