The student Marina Lorente is the URV’s new UNICAT ambassador

She will be responsible for informing URV students about career opportunities at European institutions

Marina Lorente, UNICAT ambassador at the URV

Marina Lorente, a fourth year Biotechnology student, is the URV’s new UNICAT ambassador. The position of UNICAT ambassador was created in 2017 to support the EU Careers Ambassador initiative. These ambassadors can be found at universities in EU member states and their role is to inform students about employment and internship opportunities at European institutions and to provide support for events that are organized at the level of the EU.

Lorente is particularly interested in internationalization; she has spent time living abroad in order to learn English and she is a member of the URV Mentor programme, where she works to promote the cultural, linguistic and academic adaptation of international students at the University “because I like to get to know the various people, cultures and ways of thinking that can be found in different countries”. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced her to cancel the Erasmus exchange that she was going to do this year, but she found another opportunity through the UNICAT ambassador initiative.

“It is work that I already do for my friends: I love looking for information on opportunities about training or internships abroad” she explained, and now she will perform the role for students across the URV, acting as “a bridge between the EU and students regarding working and internship opportunities”.

UNICAT ambassadors need to be competent in the fields of communication, creativity, organisation and languages. Nine Catalan universities now have a UNICAT Ambassador.

Students who wish to contact their UNICAT ambassador can send an email to ambaixador.unicat@urv.cat.

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