27/04/2022 Opinion

Imane Boussof, Medical Student at the URV and Aurora Ambassador

“Aurora gave me the chance to make suggestions to the European Parliament on issues that affect our daily lives”

Young people, as an important part of this society, must also form part of the policymaking process in our countries

Working session at the EUC event held in Strasbourg.

The European Universities Community (EUC) is a project initiated by students from European Universities to ensure that the voices of European students are heard at the Conference for the Future of Europe. On 3 and 4 March, I had the opportunity to attend the EUC event in Strasbourg, France. The event brought together 300 students from various alliances of European universities to discuss issues that affect us in our daily lives. I realised there that as a student I could influence the development of European policies that would subsequently be implemented by the member states of the European Union.

The URV is a member of the transnational Aurora alliance and this meant that I had the chance to join many other students from across Europe so that we could present our suggestions on the Future of Europe at the EUC. After working online for several months, we were able to present our proposals to the European Parliament.

Attending such an event in a place that is dedicated to promoting European peace and unity was very inspiring for me. Furthermore, we had the chance to talk to experts on the particular topics that we were working on in our different teams and thus clarify any doubts and questions that we had.

The event held by the European Universities Community on March 2022.

After this, we were ready to explain our proposals to the members of the European Parliament and all those present the next day at the University of Strasbourg. The document containing all our suggestions will be sent to experts, professors, the European Parliament and universities, in addition to all the participants and to all those who will help to implement them.

I have no doubt that young people, as an important part of this society, have to be involved in the policymaking processes in our respective countries. This was the first event to do such a thing and we are looking forward to there being many more.

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