Self-recording sets available to the entire university community for the creation of videos

The new CRAI service and the Educational Resources Service help to create quality videos without the need for technical knowledge, experience or technical assistance.

Plató d'autoenregistrament al CRAI.

The CRAI and the SREd make two self-recording sets available to all members of the university community  to produce different types of videos. Its automation and ease of use allows self-recording without the need for technical knowledge, previous experience, or technical assistance.

These spaces are equipped with a camera, microphones, lighting, background and a mixer that allows you to select what you see at any given time, facilitating the creation of all kinds of videos.

Self-recording sets help create quality videos for different purposes: presentation of work or activities, explanation of a concept or procedure, dissemination of a research project, showing the operation of specific software, presentation of a course or topic, etc.

All the information about this service can be found on the page of the self-recording set.

You can also consult other guides related to the production of videos at the URV. In them you can find information related to the types of videos and their purposes, guidelines for their recording and all the information on the resources that the URV makes available to the university community, such as the equipment on loan from the Factory, the catalog of digital tools for video recording and editing, self-recording sets or sets with technical support.

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