SEO Alive is the new URV start-up specializing in web positioning

Two Alumni from the Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management have created the company which has now turned over 100,000 euros in six months and they are developing their own programme for doing search engine optimization (SEO) audits

Marta Adell and David Kaufmann, cofounders of SEO Alive.

mproving a company’s turnover means placing its website among the top results provided by search engines, increasing user traffic and turning them into clients. Doing this well and continuously and without paying for advertising requires a level of specialization and up-to-date knowledge that marketing consultants cannot always offer. David Kaufmann and Marta Adell, URV alumni, detected this need and decided to create the company SEO Alive, which is a new URV start-up.

After working as a consultant in search engine optimization (SEO), Kaufmann decided to start his own project with Adell, who takes care of the financial side of the operation. In just six months (the company was constituted in July 2019) they have generated a portfolio of 20 clients and a turnover 100,000 euros, and are set to reach 350,000 by the end of 2020. They are aiming to become an international agency, hence the steps they have taken towards internationalisation with the arrival of new clients from Portugal, Italy, France, the United States and Latin America and the contracting of collaborators in some of these areas.

Another objective is to develop their own software to automate SEO audits, which will enable them to reduce the time spent analysing more than one hundred elements on new clients’ websites, a process which currently can take up to a month’s work.

Kaufmann explains that although search engine marketing can enable you to “achieve short term objectives if you have the money, SEO (which focuses on search results that have not been paid for) is necessary in the long term because it yields more profit” for a company. For this reason, the team contracted consists of specialists in this field who offer their services to medium sized and large companies and to marketing agencies.

David Kaufmann, cofounder of SEO Alive, URV start-up.

It is not the first entrepreneurial project started by this Alumnus of the URV: while he was studying for his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management he set up the first online chess company in Spain, which has more than 100,000 users and was eventually sold to the German company Chess24. After this he became SEO officer for the largest online chess company in the world, which is now a client of SEO Alive.

The Valorisation Unit of the URV Foundation has supported SEO Alive S.L. by awarding it the status of URV-recognised start-up. This recognition is given to all innovative companies with added value that are led by students and alumni of the URV.

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