The Catalan Government’s Permanent Representative to the EU visits the URV

Amadeu Altafaj had a meeting with various representatives of the URV and gave a talk on training programs and grant opportunities in the EU

Mr. Altafaj during the talk
Amadeu Altafaj during the talk.

Amadeu Altafaj, the Catalan Government’s Permanent Representative to the European Union, visited the Universitat Rovira i Virgili on 19 February at the invitation of the URV’s Vice-Rector for Internationalisation Mar Gutiérrez-Colón, following her visit of the Catalan Delegation during her trip to Brussels in January. Altafaj met the head of the Research, Transfer and Innovation area Ignasi Salvadó, the director of the International Center Marina Casals and the Vicerector. During a meeting in which they worked on ways to improve the presence of the URV in the European Union higher education and research projects.

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In addition to this working meeting, Amadeu Altafaj gave a talk to the university community: “Catalonia, a present and future in Europe” in the Aula Magna in Campus Catalunya. The purpose of the talk was to present the offices and functions of the Catalan Government’s Delegation at the EU  and the extent of its activities in European policy. Altafaj also introduced the European Union’s principal stakeholders and described how together the EU’s institutions form an ecosystem made up of diverse commissions, delegations, agencies, tribunals and foreign associations.

Special attention was given to the work opportunities and grants offered by both the Catalan Government and the European Commission. These include the Canigó Grants to fund internships in international organisations, grants to stay with Catalan communities abroad, grants for internships at Catalan Government delegations abroad and grants for internships with the Catalan Government’s Delegation to the European Union. After the presentation the audience was invited to ask questions, after which Mr Altafaj attended a lunch with a URV delegation headed by the Rector Josep Anton Ferré.

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