The CRAI incorporates the loan of pen tablets for teaching

They are intended for the PDI and allow live digitization of the annotations that, until now, were made on the blackboards in the classroom

Pen tablets available at the campus CRAIs

The CRAI offers a new type of technological equipment on loan to the University’s teaching and research staff: pen tablets. These devices can be used in the field of teaching to digitize live the annotations that would normally be made on the blackboards in the classroom. The objective is that all the attendees, both face-to-face and virtual, can fully follow the teaching explanations.

Specifically, the Wacom Intuos S (16 x 20 cm) and XP Pen Deco 3 (22 x 35.5 cm) models are available at the campus CRAIs.

These tablets consist of a pencil that allows you to write on them easily and comfortably. In the video of the “Workshop on the use of the digital tablet for face-to-face teaching“, given by professors Jordi Duch and Cristina Urbina, its operation and all its functionalities are explained in detail.

These new teaching devices are now available in all campus CRAIs. Teaching staff who are interested should contact any of the CRAIs to request a loan for four months.

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