The CRAI Strategic Plan defines the roadmap for the period 2024-27

The University Senate has approved the document drawn up with the participation of the entire university community and which is committed to offering quality services

Sescelades campus CRAI

The University Senate approved, in the session of November 23, the Strategic Plan of the CRAI 2024-27. Since the beginning, the CRAI of the URV has been a pioneer in the incorporation of information resources, technologies and services, has introduced digital transformation and has consolidated itself as a crossroads of knowledge, a benchmark for learning support  teaching and research for the University.

This first Strategic Plan, in the preparation of which the entire university community participated, has made it possible to establish the CRAI’s objectives for the next four years. The roadmap is committed to offering quality services and aims to satisfy the needs of users, in order to contribute to teaching and research excellence, which at the same time must affect the prestige of the institution.

The Plan is structured in three axes that determine the main future challenges:

  • The CRAI as a space for learning and complementary knowledge in the classroom
  • The CRAI as a scientific infrastructure
  • The CRAI with people

The first axis revolves around support for new teaching methodologies and digital transformation: the CRAI must become a physical and virtual space complementary to the classroom. The second axis addresses the promotion of open science and is born from a conception of the CRAI as a scientific infrastructure that must provide research staff with the information resources necessary for their research. From the third axis, the commitment to people’s well-being, to sustainability and the projection of the URV in the territory stands out.

To develop this strategic plan, we have staff prepared and committed to the institution and with the collaboration of all the units and services involved. In order to guarantee compliance, there will be periodic monitoring of the achievement measures that are have established as indicators of results for each of the axes.

More information on the CRAI’s Strategic Plan in the URV’s strategy web section.

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