The library of the URV (CRAI) hosts the exhibition #FotoRecercaURV2021

The seven CRAI Campuses host a traveling exhibition on scientific photography until February

The exhibition #FotoRecercaURV2021 at CRAI campus Catalunya.

The exhibition on scientific photography is a selection of the pictures exhibited in the #FotoRecercaURV2021 contest. The URV Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (ComCiència) organized this contest to show the research done at the URV in three different categories of photography: general, microscopic, and photographs related to COVID19.

The seven CRAI Campuses will host the traveling exhibition from 14 September 2021 to February 2022. The touring exhibition has begun at CRAI campus Catalunya (Tarragona) and it will be available from 14 to September 25. Check the dates for the traveling exhibition at other libraries in the library diary.

The exhibition consists of 23 images that show the research and scientific dissemination activities of the URV. The participants of this contest had to post photographs on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag # FotoRecercaURV2021 that referred to any scientific and technical discipline. Photographs could be related to research and innovation activities or scientific dissemination and technological applications.

General category photographs show objects with an actual dimension greater than 1 mm. Xavier Milà, a third-year student of Audiovisual Communication, took the winning photograph of this category. In this picture, there is a member of the URV Voltage Racing team during his participation in the construction of an electric motorcycle from scratch.

Micro category photographs show real dimension objects, lesser than or equal to 1 millimeter. Other objects were obtained through a micrography instrument (optical or electronic) or diffraction techniques. Joan Josep Carvajal, a researcher of the Physical and Inorganic Chemistry Department and vice dean of the Chemistry Faculty, took the winning photograph of this category. The photograph, taken by using an electron microscope, shows microcolumns of gallium nitride on a drop of gallium with an oxidized surface.

This year, the contest added an exceptional category for pictures related to research done during the COVID-19 pandemic. Researcher Laura Cid is the winner of this category. She took the picture during her internship of the Master in Physical Genetics and Forensic Chemistry at the URV. The picture shows how research has had to adapt to different conditions due to the pandemic. It also shows a scientist working separately from the rest of the research center in a biosafety level 2 laboratory manipulating the SARS-CoV-2 virus inactivated by UV light.

The exhibition #FotoRecercaURV2021 has received co-financing from the Tarragona Provincial Council and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) from the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

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