The University joins the International Day of Open Data

It has its own policy, research data repositories and a guide to managing them. It also trains research staff on the reuse and storage of data

March 5, 2022 is #OpenDataDay, the International Day of Open Data. Open data is increasingly recognized as a result of primary research. In recent years, the need for data to be available in open access repositories, to be consulted, to be cited, and to have an associated data management plan has been highlighted.

Universitat Rovira i Virgili, committed to open science, approved the “Institutional Open Access Policy for URV Research Data” in 2021, and made the institutional repository and the Research Data Repository available to researchers. CORA consortium. RDR. In addition, CRAI provides support for both data retrieval and research data storage.

As part of this celebration, on March 1, the CRAI and the ICE held the PROFID course “Research data management: FAIR principles, open access repository and data management plan”, a training for research staff on the reuse and storage of open access data and how it is reflected in the data management plan and the software available to develop it.

If you want to know more, you can consult the CRAI guide on Research Data Management.

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