The URV has opened a call for 76 predoctoral contracts for the Martí i Franquès programme

This Tuesday, 15 September, the application period was opened for both of the programme’s sections: the standard section, for which there are 45 places on offer, and COFUND, for which there are 31. The deadline for applications is 15 November 2020

The successful applicants will be given a three-year contract and there are places available in all research areas.

The Martí i Franquès is a URV funding programme that aims to increase the number of university staff members dedicated to research. At the same time, it reinforces doctoral programmes, it promotes doctoral theses and it encourages the training of doctoral theses in research and innovation projects. This Tuesday, 76 places were announced in the two types of predoctoral contracts: the standard type (45 places) and COFUND (31 places). The successful applicants will be given a three-year contract and there are places available in all research areas. Applications can be submitted online until 15 November 2020 on the website.

Standard applications

Those making a standard application opt for a one-year contract, which can be extended to three, to do their doctoral thesis in a URV research group and on one of the University’s doctoral programmes. The successful applicants will be required to write a doctoral thesis during their time at the University and they will also be given some teaching duties. They will also be given access to programmes of specific training and transversal competencies as well as high quality research in a highly international environment. Two of the contracts are also funded by IRTA and Banco Santander.

The successful applicants will start work at the university as from 2021.

COFUND applications

The Martí i Franquès COFUND project (MFP-COFUND) receives 50% of its funding from the European Union in the framework of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) COFUND doctoral programme (Horizon 2020). The first 31 places of the programme have now been announced, which are funded by the University and also by such institutions as Banco Santander, the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation and IRTA. The aim is to attract talented researchers from all over the world and give them the chance to have a research career at the URV.

The contracts they will sign are aligned with standard Marie-Curie contracts, which are a substantial improvement in terms of contractual conditions. Among other eligibility criteria, the applicants cannot have lived in Spain for more than 12 months during the previous 3 years. That is to say, the idea is to find international students with a master’s degree or equivalent or Spanish researchers who have been abroad and wish to return.

The applicants’ education, research results, professional experience, motivation and references will be assessed by a committee of URV staff and external assessors.

This funding has been made possible because the Tarragona Provincial Council funds the URV’s Support Unit for International Research Proposals.

For all the information, see https://www.urv.cat/ca/recerca/suport/programes/marti-franques/







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