The URV is one of the six universities in the state to obtain 100% of the semesters presented in the ANECA 2023 call

29 researchers and 22 researchers from the URV presented themselves at the call for evaluation of the ANECA 2023 research activity

The 29 researchers and the 22 researchers from the URV who appeared in the ANECA 2023 research activity evaluation call have obtained the six-year research certificate. Only six universities and three research centers in the state have obtained this 100% success in the call. As for the AQU, positive evaluations are also being received from the research sections of the February call.

The CRAI of the URV has supported the research staff in the tasks related to the evaluation of scientific publications, following the new criteria of the evaluation agencies. More specifically, three online training courses have been held with a total of 182 attendees and the support guides “Bibliometric indicators of scientific production” and “Support for accreditations and sexennis” have been updated, which add up to more than 21,000 views.

The different campus CRAIs have attended to 258 individual queries, evaluated 1,244 publications and deposited 258 documents in the URV repository to comply with the requirement to openly publish research results. These actions have resulted in a total of 696 hours of work by the library staff which we hope have contributed to facilitating the evaluation procedures of researchers and researchers at our university.

At the moment, the CRAI is still working on advising the researchers who are presenting themselves at the July AQU call.

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