The URV, twelfth in the world in quality education according to the Times Higher Education ranking

The ranking that rates universities on their social and economic impact based on the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations places the URV in the top 200

Classroom of the URV.
Classroom of the URV.

The impact that universities have on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations has resulted in the fifth edition of the ranking produced by Times Higher Education (THE) journal. It is a global ranking of the positioning of universities in the world, which places the URV in positions 101-200 of the 1,591 participating universities. The University occupies the same position as last year – although this year there are 185 new institutions in the ranking – and excels in the categories “Quality education” and “Climate action”.

The first position in the ranking is occupied by the University of Western Sydney, in Australia. The URV is in the same position (101-200) as two other Catalan universities – the University of Barcelona and the University of Girona – and five universities from the rest of the State: University of Jaén, University of Murcia, Technical University of Valencia, University of Valencia and University of Vigo. They have all been given the same rating and are the first universities in the State in the ranking.

The THE ranking rates universities  according to the extent they fulfill the sustainable development objectives (SDGs) of the United Nations. Each SDG is assessed by a series of indicators from different sources, including the data presented by the universities themselves and data from publications and citations. The overall score is based on goal 17, which values alliances with external entities to achieve the goals, and the three SDGs on which the institution scores highest. The final score is calculated from the average of the scores of the current edition and the two previous ones.

IMAGE: The URV in the Impact Rankings 2023 according to SDGs.
IMAGE: The URV in the Impact Rankings 2023 according to SDGs.

The SDGs in which the University is best positioned in this ranking are “Quality education” (top 12 worldwide), “Climate action” (top 43 worldwide) and “Peace, justice and institutional strength” (top 50 worldwide). These are followed by “Renewable energies”, in which the URV is in the top 75 and “Reduction of Inequalities” (top 88). Of the remaining goals, nine are in the top 101-200, two in the top 201- 300, and one in the top 301-400.

You can check the ranking on the Times Higher Education website.

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