Doctoral students can now attend bachelor’s and master’s classes to train in other disciplines

The Open Learning programme is an initiative of the URV’s Doctoral School that aims to give students access to additional multidisciplinary knowledge without any additional cost to their registration fees

An archive image of a class taught at the Faculty of Tourism and Geography before the pandemic.

Especially during their training, researchers need access to knowledge generated in other disciplines so they are equipped to meet the ever increasing requirement to conduct multidisciplinary research. In light of this, for the first time the URV’s doctoral students can participate as observers in bachelor’s or master’s degree subjects so they can acquire important knowledge in disciplines that complement their own and which will contribute to their doctoral studies.

Inspired by the experiences of certain universities in northern Europe, the Doctoral School has launched the Open Learning programme. URV doctoral students can now choose to attend classes from the URV’s bachelor’s and master’s degree courses without having to register or having to pay any additional fees.

In order to attend the bachelor’s and master’s subjects of their choosing, doctoral students simply need to obtain the approval of both their thesis supervisor and the teachers responsible for the subjects that they wish to attend and fill out an application form which they can find at the Doctoral School website.

Although doctoral students attend these additional classes as listeners, they may be permitted to take a direct part in activities if allowed to by the subject teacher. The training they receive through the Open Learning programme will be included in the doctoral student’s activity document, which records all activities relating to their doctoral studies, including conferences, research visits and training.

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