Full face-to-face activity returns to the University

The number of individuals on the University’s premises may not exceed 70% of capacity at any time and the use of a mask will be mandatory everywhere.

The 2021-22 academic year at the URV will see the University’s teaching and research staff, administration and services staff and students all return to on-campus activity. The maximum permitted level of attendance will be 70% of the capacity of the faculties and schools where teaching takes place.

These conditions were set out in the rector’s resolution of September 3, which recommends that attendance for first and second year students be 100% or as high as possible, and that it be progressively reduced for the remaining students to ensure compliance with the maximum permitted 70% of capacity. In addition, all internship and evaluation activities will be face-to-face.

In terms of personal protection measures, masks must be worn at all times and on all University premises. Furthermore, students undertaking external internships must comply with the requirements of their host centre or institution before they start, which may include being fully vaccinated and having a weekly PCR test or a daily antigen test.

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