Italian students train online at the URV

This week sees the start of the first online version of the URV’s Study Abroad programme, involving 53 students in Translation from the Università Ca'Foscari Venezia. The course is the result of collaboration between Ester Torres, coordinator of the University Master’s Degree in Professional English-Spanish Translation, and the Italian university

classe virtual del curs Study Abroad

Up to now, students from other universities in the world who signed up for Study Abroad programmes at the URV spent weeks receiving training in Tarragona. However, due to the pandemic, this year the URV is holding its first online Study Abroad programme, with a group of students who will follow classes in Spanish and English language from Italy. Translation and cultural seminars will also prepared by the URV.

This edition of the Study Abroad programme has the subtitle “Practical Training and Orientation Programme in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation”, and will involve 53 students in Translation from the Università Ca’Foscari Venezia who, in addition to classes in language and translation, will receive seminars to teach them about our culture

Students will also receive specialized seminars taught by professional translators and have the chance to participate in experiences with students from the URV. The Spanish language content is being coordinated by Professor Sandra Iglesia, from the URV’s Centre of Hispanish Studies and her expert ELE teaching staff.

Through the Study Abroad programme, foreign universities send their students to the URV to train in specific subjects during short stays. Although the University has had to adapt the programme to an online format for the first time, the intention is for courses to return to face-to-face teaching when the epidemiological situation allows it.

It is also the first Study Abroad programme to be organised with the Università Ca’Foscari Venezia. Other universities that send students to the URV every year are Hiroshima University, the University of Illinois, Northeastern University and James Madison University.

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