The universities of East Anglia and Naples exchange best practices in communication, marketing and student recruitment with the URV

Staff from English and Italian universities got to know the day-to-day working of URV units in a staff shadowing session

For one week, the visitors shared their knowledge and experience with their counterparts from the URV.

During the week from 2 to 6 October, the Universitat Rovira i Virgili hosted two technicians from European universities of the Aurora alliance: Amy Crawley, Head of Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing at the University of East Anglia (UK) and Monica Spedaliere, specialist in communication activities and didactic digitisation at the University Federico II of Naples (Italy), in a visit aimed at exchanging experiences and inter-university knowledge.

Staff shadowing is an experiential learning methodology in which one professional (the observer) accompanies another professional (the host) during their working day or for a certain period of time to observe, learn and understand how they perform their duties. This practice is common in academia, but is also applied in other professional sectors.

During their stay, they shared their knowledge and experience with their counterparts at the URV, from the Communication and Marketing Office, the Student Office, the URV Language Service and Publications, and the Aurora Office itself.

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