The CRAI improves the reservation system for group work spaces

The new program implemented simplifies the reservation and management process of group work spaces

Espais de treball en grup al CRAI campus Terres de l'Ebre de la URV.
Group work spaces at the Terres de l'Ebre campus CRAI.

This Tuesday, February 7, the CRAI of the URV begins a pilot test whose objective is to simplify the reservation procedure for group work spaces (ETG) for URV students. The new management and reservation program, much more intuitive, is accessible from the CRAI website and users can easily identify themselves with the URV credentials.

The program facilitates the reservation process because it allows you to see the availability of all ETGs in a single calendar and in real time. The reservation can be made in one-hour slots, and the same group can only reserve a maximum of three slots, to guarantee the rotation of these much-demanded spaces. To make the reservation effective, it is necessary to click on the time slot of the ETG available from the campus CRAI and on the desired time.

In the campus CRAIs that have Pres-TECH (equipment self-lending cabinets), the user who has made the reservation will be able to collect the key with the QR code that they will have received by email. At the CRAI Terres de l’Ebre campus, Vila-seca campus and Baix Penedès campus, the user who has made the reservation will be able to lend the ETG key at the loan counter.

The loan of group work spaces is a very successful service of the CRAI. With the implementation of this new programme, the CRAI seeks to enable students to manage their reservations in a much easier, more comfortable and intuitive way.

To find out how to reserve group workspaces step by step, you can consult the help guide.


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