The face-to-face PUC service has been resumed

Library users from the URV can borrow documents from libraries participating in the PUC service.

The Préstec Consorciat (PUC) or Consortium Loan Service (in English) has been resumed from January 10 for face-to-face loans. The service was interrupted due to changes in the integrated library system.

Users from other institutions that participate in the PUC service can borrow documents at the library where they are held. To do so, users will have to accredit themselves as users from their institution.

The terms and conditions for the PUC service have been maintained. Users can have a maximum of 10 documents at one time with a 21-day loan period and they can renew them up to six times.

Documents borrowed through the PUC service can be returned to any library that participates in the PUC service.

Library users who have PUC loans pending to return before summer will find them in the “My Account” tab and their due date is February 1. Users can return their PUC loans to their university library or the library that owns the document.

We are currently working to reestablish the PUC service through the website.

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