The president of ISEP visits the URV

On 20 September its President and CEO, John Lucas, visited the URV’s International Center. In October the URV will host the ISEP-Iberia meeting, which will bring together all Spanish and Portuguese member universities of ISEP to allow them to learn from each other and share best practices

John Lucas (third to the left) with, from left to right, mobility coordinators at the Faculty of Arts Cristina Andreu and Natàlia Català, ISEP students, Albert Fonts, mobility coordinator of the Faculty of Business and Georgina Grau, from the I-Center.

ISEP (International Student Exchange Programs) is based in Washington DC, USA, and is the largest Study Abroad membership network in the world with more than 300 member universities from 56 countries.

On 20 September its President and CEO, John Lucas, visited the URV’s International Center, campus Sescelades and campus Catalunya and met with ISEP students currently studying at the URV; with International Center staff who deal with incoming and outgoing students, and with mobility coordinators who have worked with incoming and outgoing ISEP students. After these fruitful visits and meetings, John Lucas had lunch with the vice-rector for Internationalisation, Mar Gutiérrez-Colón, and said that he was pleased to count the URV as a member of ISEP. He was particularly impressed by the comprehensive international dimension of the university, by the many courses taught in English in the engineering and technical ambits and by the mentorship and welcome facilities offered to students.

ISEP is committed to helping students overcome the financial and academic barriers to study abroad. In partnership with the member institutions, they are able to connect students to high-quality, academic programs. Since their founding in 1979, they have sent over 51,000 students abroad. The URV joined ISEP in 2013; since then, 13 American students have carried out mobility studies at the URV and in return the URV has sent 17 students to the USA.

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