“Travel the world and join a workcamp!” is the new exhibition at the CRAI

The traveling exhibition of the Service Civil Catalonia is available until June 17 at the CRAI.

The traveling exhibition "Travel the world and join a workcamp!"

The URV libraries will hold the exhibition “Travel the world and join a workcamp!” from December 16, 2021, to June 17, 2022. The exhibition has been temporarily ceded by the Service Civil International (SCI) and shows the work carried out by volunteers in workcamps. It also highlights the individual and empowers them for social change, transformation, cooperation, development, and internationalization.

The Service Civil International (SCI) is a non-profit movement made up of volunteers, collaborators, and professionals working for a culture of peace, global justice, and social transformation. It has more than 90 member entities and 42 branches around the world. One of them is the Service Civil International of Catalonia, which is based in Barcelona. This entity has been organizing all kinds of international volunteer projects for years, together with groups and organizations from all over the world. These projects are carried out at a local and international level.

Together with local activism and peace education, volunteering becomes the tool that allows people to foster personal and collective empowerment while generating a process of change, exchange, and mutual support.

Through this exhibition, the SCI brings one of its workcamps closer to people by showing the work that is carried out there, the role of the people involved, and the mission of the entity.

The exhibition is made up of 27 panels divided into different categories. Each part is explained in an information panel and is accompanied by photographs by different authors. It also has a general panel on the exhibition, the workcamp to which it refers, and the entity itself.

Workcamps are proposals of community work around the world that aim to make a transformative local project real. It is carried out by groups of between 5 and 20 volunteers and the programs can be short term (between 1 and 3 weeks) or long term. Long-lasting programs are part of European volunteering, which is an international volunteering project (medium or long term) funded by the program Erasmus Plus.

Most workcamps are carried out in European countries and people from 18 to 30 years old can participate.

The exhibition can be visited from December 16, 2021, to January 7, 2022, in the lobby of the CRAI Medicine and Health Sciences (Reus). Then, it will also be exhibited at the different libraries that the university has. Check the different dates on the CRAI agenda.

The library offers this exhibition hoping that students will open up to new experiences and encourages them to be part of this community of volunteers by participating in one of the workcamps they offer.

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