URV students promote the Chinese Corner for cultural exchange

Local participants can learn about Chinese culture and phrases in Chinese for daily use through conversation with Chinese students

The first Chinese Corner at La Cantonada café in Tarragona.

All those interested in the Chinese language or culture will now have a new space for exchanging knowledge, curiosities and even speaking a little Chinese. The Chinese Corner is promoted by URV Chinese students and is held at La Cantonada café in Tarragona, as part of their subject on Intercultural Workshops.

In the first session, which was held on Tuesday, the theme was “Useful Phrases for Travelling to China”. After presenting the different situations that a person can come across when travelling to Asia, the students from the Hispanic Studies Centre explained the expressions necessary for communicating when disembarking, checking in to a hotel, shopping, and other situations. The Chinese Corner participants could then practice what they had learned through simulations of the situations and conservations with the Chinese students.

This monthly activity promotes exchange between two cultures. The international students can apply what they have learnt in the subject Intercultural Workshops, and local students of the FURV Chinese courses can complement what they do in class and have the opportunity to talk with Chinese natives.

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